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Arabica and Robuta Coffee Bean

Model No.: DV-567001
Product Name: Arabica and Robuta Coffee Bean
Product Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Coffee Beans
Detailed Product Description:

We are top and leading producers of beans and other grains as follows;
Coffee beans
Kidney beans (red, white, black & speckled)
Mung beans
Vigna beans
Chick Peas
Green and Red Lentils
Maize ( Yellow & White)
Cacao beans
Mustard seed

Our grains are of standard quality and top competitive prices.
Delivery will be prompt and we call on all buyers who wishes to witness
quality outstanding goods and services from us, to kindly update us with
their inquiries, so that we can quote our best offer.

We have readily available goods for exports and also process buyer's
orders according to their preferred specification and packaging.
You are welcome to trade with us on a long term basis.
Let us know your inquiries.

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